the start of
a memory

An urban environment and a residential community designed for family’s lifestyle, residences with modern facades and fascinating designs located strategically around multiple services near you.

Our Projects

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A lifetime home

In Nesaj Town Safwa, we develop the concept of the neighborhood with unique design and spaces and integrated facilities, to be the beginning of a memory for you and your family, the project is professionally built and designed for your own comfort and privacy creating an enjoyable quiet atmosphere, fulfilling your ambition to live in the house of a lifetime, all life

A vibrant society

Safwa general hospital

5.6 KM

Safwa – Ras Tanurah sea bridge road

8.3 KM

Safwa Beach

15.7 KM

Mangrove forest

13.4 KM

Al Nakheel mall

39 KM

Aramco facilities

12 KM

A project that you live on its land to realize the meaning and essence of life in a vibrant society with health, nature and beauty, which you and your family deserve to live every day.

A community designed specially for you

Be a part of Nesaj town Safwa, to live a life better than you wish

Villa A

Land area 300 m²

Total building area 398 m²

Net building area 321.61 m²

Prices start from 1,281,832

Villa B

Land area 250 m²

Total building area 377.5 m²

Net building area 318.35 m²

Prices start from 1,175,722

نساج تاون صفوى | Nesaj Town Safwa

A neighborhood that enriches you future

Nesaj Town Safwa location has been carefully selected to provide you with all the services near you, The project is characterized by its strategic location, separating it from near areas, highways that take few minutes to your destinations, in a neighborhood that enriches you.

your interest.

A life that starts here, and continues. 

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